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Interview with a Shaman

January 23, 2020


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything here but I have been a busy bee with new projects, working almost every day on Oranum, and keeping up with my Collective Truths readings. I'll share more with what I've been up to but I wanted to take some time and introduce you to someone I have come across in my esoteric adventures--TOZORORION, a practicing Shaman and psychic who has been doing his work for over 20 years!


Let's jump right in!


1. How long have you known you were gifted?


I was definitely a gifted prophet, healer, teacher, and I was able to locate lost items at the age of 14. It came very easily to me.


2. What does your name Tozororion mean?


TOZ. This is the nickname I was given in 1982. I learned that I was the star seed from Orion and so that’s how I put the name together. TOZ. OR. ORION.


3. What is your main method of divination?


Cards are pretty much my main method of divination along with the runes, but I am very well versed in readings of pyromancy, crystal gazing, remote viewing, and candlewax viewing.


4. Do you have an overall purpose in what you do?


Even though I am an accomplished expert psychic, I would truly like to run a full-fledged shamanic school with lectures and teaching.


5. If you could give any advice to those just coming into their gift(s), what would it be?


First of all, know yourself inside and out and come to an acceptance level of who you are. Realize and be confident--no more second-guessing yourself --but believe in yourself that you have been given this gift.


6. Have you ever felt afraid of your own abilities?


I have no fear of my own abilities.


7. Have others ever been afraid of your abilities?


Not sure if you want to put all of this in here, but I am a very accomplished shamanic witch. I know all paths and have knowledge of the mysteries in esoteric wisdom and magic power and I think many people have been intimidated by what I know and do.


8. Why do you believe you have these gifts and others do not?


Many people are called but very few are chosen. The ones who are called or practicing are searching. Those of us who are chosen have made a commitment to what we do. It is a passion. It has always been within our spirit to do this.


9. All of those who are gifted with divination capabilities have different beliefs or ideas of where they get their information. Some say it’s from Spirit/Source. Others say it's from their higher self. And still others say it’s from “the other side.”

Where do you believe you get your information from and why?


As a shaman, I use an altered state of consciousness to journey to the lower world, to the middle world, and into the upper world. I get my information and guidance from the ancient elders and the council. From my ancestors. Spirit guides which normally are native American Indian. The creator, great mystery, and great spirit. These guys have been with me ever since the beginning as a child but I did not have the right of passage. I know that I have these gifts because the fruits of my labor are a product of what I believe and do. When people see me they just feel it. I get true results.



10. What is your method of choice to do readings? (runes, cards, etc) Why?


My method of reading is by casting 24 runes and reading someone’s past, present, and future. I also use the medicine cards and the Secret Pathway cards by Jamie Sams. They are always very honest and truly accurate. Another style I use is a traditional tarot of the Crowley Tarot when I am doing in person readings. I'm just very drawn to them and they do speak to me easily.

On the whole I will use any method possible to give a person a second chance. The desire of their heart is to find the path for their life. People are seeking answers and they have the right to know, as long as we're on the face of this earth. There is always a desire to excel and to live a better quality life.


Thank you for this opportunity Diana. You are truly one in 1 million. Have a peaceful night!


I want to thank TOZ for taking time with me to share who he is and what he does. If you would like to see his work in action, check out TOZORORION on Oranum when he's live. You can also find him on his own website at http://tozororion.com/.


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