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The Most Common Dreams and Their Meaning

December 6, 2019


Dreams have been a human fascination for as long as we’ve remembered them. Every night, each one of us has a handful of dreams, whether or not we remember them. Each dream is filled with information from our subconscious, presenting our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a metaphoric or symbolic way. Many of us ignore these imaginings playing out in our nightlives but many more of us are beginning to pay attention—to write down our dreams so we can find meaning within them and know ourselves better.

When it comes to interpreting dreams, you want to try to remember every part of them like your emotions, people who are with you or around you, colors, and environment. Every piece holds its own meaning or symbolically points to a different aspect of self. Keep a pen and a small notebook by your bed so when you wake, you can write down everything you remember before it fades.

Though every person’s dreaming experience is different, time and history have shown us that there are a handful of common dreams that just about everyone experiences. Let’s look at some of those now!


Falling Dreams

Falling dreams are one of the topmost common dreams. The meaning behind falling dreams is dependent on your mood during the dream. If you are falling with fear, then the dream is likely highlighting your current anxieties and uncertainties in life. If you’re enjoying the fall, then your contentment and sense of confidence in moving forward in life, regardless of change or circumstance, is being highlighted.


Being Chased

When you’re being chased in your dream, this signifies something you’re trying to avoid. Pay special attention to what is actually chasing you, as this usually symbolizes an aspect of self or the problem you may feel is the current focus in your life. Dreams where you’re being chased can often be a red flag and putting your attention on who or what the chaser is can help you focus enough to solve the waking problem.


Teeth Breaking or Falling Out

In dreams where your teeth are breaking or falling out, your subconscious is pointing to your sense of confidence or current waking stresses. It can also be pointing to a feeling of unattractiveness or a fear of rejection.

Be careful with these dreams as you may be grinding or clenching your teeth while dreaming. Make sure you’re keeping up with the dentist and dental health! Many people end up breaking a tooth soon after one of these dreams!


Flying Dreams

Flying dreams can be pointing to one of two things: freedom and independence, but also a desire to flee or escape. Depending on your feelings while falling, you can gauge what your mind is trying to tell you. If you’re feeling happy and excited about the flight, then you can be content in the idea that all is well and your subconscious is not currently struggling with any major problems. If you’re fearful of the fall, on the other hand, you may have some major hidden problems that your mind is mulling over in your subconscious.


Naked in Public

Dreams of being naked in public often represent a feeling of being wronged or exposed. There might be a secret you are afraid of getting out in the open. It could also point to your vulnerability and fear in showing your true self. Your emotions in these dreams could be the major factor here, along with the environment. Who is seeing you naked? Where were you when your nakedness was first realized? Where did your mind go at first realization of being naked?


Death/Dying Dreams

Dreaming of death or dying often invokes a sense of panic in people when they wake. But don’t worry! Just because you’re dreaming of death doesn’t mean death is imminent! In fact, dreams about death are really about your fear of change or recognizing a change. It’s the apprehension of things breaking down to make room for the new.


When it comes to dreams, a person can learn a lot about oneself if he or she only pays attention. Most of us are so busy with work and our daily routine that we fail to see where we can work on things to make life easier or more comfortable. We overlook problems on the outside while we are suffering within. By paying attention to our dreams, we can teach ourselves to be more mindful of our thoughts and feelings and make living this life a little easier.


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