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Binaural Beats and Meditation

October 3, 2019


Did you know, different audio frequencies affect different people?


Listening to the frequency that works best with you can help get you into a state of meditation faster than other frequencies. A listener might not notice anything when listening to an Om chant at 417Hz while another listener might feel a buzz in the middle of their forehead when listening to it. That listener experiencing that buzz will more quickly fall into a meditative state than the listener who does not respond to that frequency.


So, how do you find the best frequency for you?


Sit up, get comfortable and pop in some earbuds. Start listening to a low frequency binaural beat for about ten to fifteen seconds. If you don’t feel a tickle or buzz just between your brows, then move to the next frequency. Then the next. Then the next.


Why does meditation matter?


Meditation is one of the healthiest actions we can take for the bettering of our health. It affects us on every possible level—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It can lower our stress, stimulate new brain cell growth, enhance positive emotions like joy and happiness, lower blood pressure, and even help promote better sleep. But most people don’t bother taking the time to meditate because they can’t stop overthinking or having racing thoughts. Society today keeps us so abuzz and busy in our everyday lives that head-static and physical restlessness stop us from being able to find a momentary sense of peace. We’re always on the go.


So where do binaural beats come in?


Studies have shown that binaural beats help the human brain achieve a meditative state more quickly than meditating without them. That’s because of the effect the beats have on the brain waves. In our day and age, when problems like overthinking and trouble concentrating are as common as they are, we’ve turned to finding other ways to help us gain control over our lack of, well, control. Binaural beats might be one of the easiest, safest ways to gain control of our on-the-go minds by using an external force to change our brainwaves.


Of course, natural meditation is something we should all strive to be able to do but there is no problem in seeking help for that first step. Training the mind is always something that can be done after gaining some familiarity of meditation in the first place. In other words, let’s just get you comfy with meditating, period, before worrying about natural meditation.

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