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September 8, 2019

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11 Ways to Identify Psychic Children

September 24, 2019


Though the concept of psychic children is nothing new, there has been a rise in their numbers. And as more talk about the coming Age of Aquarius, parents have been interested in understanding how their children might be impacted and how we can identify the sensitive children of our future.


1. Eyes following unseen things


This includes infants. A gifted baby might be following the movement of something unperceivable to you. This can be auras, energies, or spirits. 


2. A gifted child will be more sensitive to emotion


A simple “no” or “honey, don’t do that” can send them on an emotional down spiral that leaves you thinking you’re harsher than you thought. Don’t worry—the reason behind their emotional reaction is because of what’s next on our list—


3. Empathy


Gifted children are afraid to disappoint their parents, friends, and even strangers. They often choose to play with the kid that’s alone on the playground or eat with the kid sitting by himself. Gifted children are just always trying to make others happy.


4. Strangely attracted to the grotesque and frightening


They enjoy scary movies or ghostly images. This could be because they see shadows and indiscernible energies from their infant days and find the mysterious or unknown familiar. A moving shadow that is scary to a teenager who’s never experienced the paranormal can be recognized and comfortable for a younger child to witness if they’ve spent their younger years seeing these things.


5. Scared of the Dark


On the other end of the spectrum, a gifted child may be utterly terrified of the dark and being alone. This may be a result of seeing negative entities and moving shadows they felt low vibrations from and don’t want to experience again.


6. Talks about Past Lives


The child may talk about a past life or claim to see family members that have passed.


Have you ever been sitting in your car and your daughter suddenly asks about your grandmother who passed? Or suddenly spoke the name of a deceased sibling he or she never met? This could be one of two things – one, your child is aware of the spirit of the passed relation, or two, your child is very aware of your thoughts and emotions about the lost relation. This would tie into clairempathy and the ability to suffer when you suffer. Or feeling your loss.


7. Vivid Dreams or Night Terrors


Sleep can be a scary thing for small children that experience the emotional ups and downs of energy. Psychic children are so sensitive to their family and those around them that their energies can stick and slip into their subconscious. This would cause uncomfortable dreams and sharing of anxieties while lying in bed at night.


8. Sleep Paralysis


This is also a common complaint of gifted children, though they don’t always know how to explain it. It comes hand in hand with vivid hallucinations. As parents, we may not realize the child has experienced sleep paralysis since we would not recognize anything was wrong until the child has woken from their partial consciousness and started to cry or thrash.


9. Old Souls


Psychic children mature more quickly and seem to have an old soul. You can see the difference between a young child with a glazed affect who is simply experiencing their surroundings, versus a child who is spritely and absorbing everything they see. This is not to say one child is more intelligent than the other, only that one is more engaged in their experience than the next.


As the child ages, there is a clear interest in concepts and ideas they wish to share with people, leaving listeners surprised at the level of understanding the child holds.


10. Recognizing Places


A psychic child may say they have been somewhere before, even though they haven’t. Sometimes they even have knowledge about that place that there is no way for them to have obtained. Whether this is because of memories from past lives or from the energies they are picking up, it’s hard to tell.


11. Culture


A psychic child will show immense interest in other cultures and time periods. It’s believed that this is due to lingering memories of past lives.

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