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September 8, 2019

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Past Lives and Depression

November 22, 2018


Could there be a connection between past lives and depression?


We've come to a day and age where everyone seems to be struggling. Emotions are at an all-time high and talk of depression comes from just about everyone you cross. But, why are so many people depressed?


As you read this, keep in mind that I am talking about legitimate depression today. There are many in the world who do not recognize the difference between depression and unhappiness and many who believe they are depressed are simply lacking positivity and comfort in one area of their life. They may be grieving a job loss, or the loss of their free time by working too hard. They may be missing the feeling of being loved while in a relationship that does not communicate.


Depression, though, is an abnormal state of sadness. You have money. You have a loving family. You have a job you love. But there is still something that makes you unhappy, and you don't know what it is.

What if the solution to this problem lies in our past lives?


When I was nine or ten years old, I often had days where I spent time outside, alone, lying down in the grass and staring at the sky. I felt like something was missing. At night, I would look up at the moon and get deeply emotional. The feeling was similar to losing something important to me or kind of like the anxious pangs you get when you've suddenly remembered a problem you have but can't fix. Just this bone-deep, innate sadness and disappointment.


When I was around fourteen years old, I struggled with a constant sense of loss for several years. I often dreamed of death and would feel lonely for so long that I would be full of self-deprecating thoughts until I turned numb. I could be surrounded by people and still feel utterly cold and alone. I admit, I had to consciously work at finding ways to deal with it to avoid self-harming. I would often light candles and meditate which usually distracted me from doing more harmful things in my "dark moods."


I spent a lot of time in my room alone, or with the one friend who I really meshed well with. She was the single person I could share with, cry with, and sit in complete silence with. We often spent our time in bookstores, reading things about religion, mythology, and psychology. (Yes, we were still only 14 at this point!) We found a past life hypnosis book one day and pooled our money to buy it. Why? Because why not? The idea was fun, and by then, I had already been fascinated by anything existential. Dream interpretation. Meditation. It was all that made me feel connected to something bigger than myself and helped me make sense of "God." So we took the book to my house and read the instructions to "hypnotize" one another. What happened was interesting, to say the least.

The images I saw when I was the one "going under" were eye-opening. They were familiar, and even though they were dark and uncomfortable, I recognized my problem in this life almost as soon as I snapped out of the relaxed state. I was able to connect several of my emotional disconnects in this life to certain "memories" of that past life experience.


What if the loneliness in this life came from the subconscious memories of a loved one my soul remembered from a past life? Could it be that my depression was really my soul crying out to what it had lost in death before reincarnating here? What if recalling past lives or past life memories is the key that would help the clinically depressed find peace and end their struggle?


I have not been depressed since high school. When I realized there was more to this life than my mind was showing me in my day-to-day, I was encouraged, and I find myself encouraged with every new day.


There's something comforting in the idea that an emotional struggle that's haunted someone for so long could have a source, and when the source is discovered, that struggle can disappear. The only thing standing in the way of so many is the refusal to accept the possibility and plausibility of the method in the first place--the possibility that the key to curing depression could lie in our past lives.


About Diana Robertson

Diana Robertson has been seeking answers to every day mental and emotional struggles for over fifteen years through her clients' experiences as well as her own. Studying New Age methods, consciousness, religious ideals, mythologies, and more, Diana has a groundwork of esoteric discoveries to share with anyone willing to open their mind and consider the possibilities.









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