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September 8, 2019

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What Are Shadow People?

September 14, 2017


The existence of shadow people has not been proven, but experiences with them have been recorded worldwide for centuries! So, they're worth discussing!

But, what are shadow people?

Shadow people are dark, shadowy figures and the most often seen "entities." They are witnessed in the dark, but often times in the daytime, which is why the belief in their existence is so widespread. 

Shadow people flee in the presence of physical bodies, and are often seen from the corner of one's eye.

No one knows why shadow people are so common, but many people believe they are "lost" spirits, separated from their body but unable to move forward into the next realm.

The two most commonly seen shadow people are the Hat Man and the hooded figure. Some say that the Hat Man claims to be of Satan, while still others keep to the hooded figure being the Grim Reaper. Theories abound.


How do I make shadow people ​ go away?


While shadow people do not have a history of being able to physically harm anyone, some are seemingly aware that they can frighten the living, and so choose to do it. They've been known to change things--like giving themselves red eyes--for the sole purpose to scare, but when they are confronted and realize they are not being feared, they typically go.


It may help to know what kind of shadow people you're dealing with before taking any steps to rid yourself of them. 





Residual or Intelligent?

A residual haunting is nothing more than a recording of a person or event--a memory. As everything is made of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, it is theorized that certain materials (metals, stones, etc) absorb this energy and "play it back" at certain times. No one knows what causes the "playback." It could be anything from the energy of a conscious person, to weather.

Are you hearing the same kind of noise at the same time during the night? Do you see the


same "spirit" doing the same thing every time? These may be residual hauntings. They cannot hurt you, so sit back and enjoy the sight! But, if it really bothers you, getting rid of it may have a simple answer. Since residual hauntings are attached to something, moving around furniture can help. Or, ridding yourself of the item the energy is coming from.


An intelligent haunting is a spirit that acts in a way that makes it seem aware of its surroundings. Does it respond to things you say or do? Does it "choose" a person from your family to harass or frighten? With these types of spirits, there are a few things you can do.

But first, try to ask​ it to go. Tell it what it is about it that makes you uncomfortable.

  • I've heard from several investigators that many spirits have a sense of humor! If you take the interaction with a spirit humorously, the spirit will see your lack of fear and leave.

  • If the spirit is formidable, I read some useful ideas here!








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