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September 8, 2019

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Raising Your Frequency - What Does It Mean?

August 14, 2017


I get this question a lot.
What is the deal with "raising your frequency? What does that even mean?"

Well, we're talking about vibrational frequency.
Vibrational frequency is the rate at which atoms and sub-particles of a being vibrate. The higher the vibrational frequency is, the closer it is to the frequency of light. [The frequency of visible light is referred to as color, and ranges from 430 trillion hertz, seen as red, to 750 trillion hertz, seen as violet.]

Your thoughts and actions send out a vibration from you that attracts an experience or being of a similar vibration. If you send out anger, you attract anger. If you send out fear, you attract fear. If you send out love, you attract love. If you send out peace, you attract peace.


How Do I Raise My Frequency?


 Your actions and your thoughts deeply affect your vibrational frequency. If you're feeling negative, angry, depressed, or lonely, your vibration lowers. Your negative thoughts then attract more negativity. If you act out of anger or fear, your vibration, again, lowers greatly, leaving you wallowing in a low frequency. 
Negative emotions are not bad. We all have our days of low frequency. But when you allow these emotions to take over your life and affect your day-to-day, you need to work on inviting positivity in your life, and raising your vibration.

To raise your frequency, you need to consciously pay attention to your mood, environment, and your actions. Anger does not mean you are incapable of acting out of love.
Reach out to someone. Hug a loved one. Eat organic/natural foods. Take a day of rest. Meditate/Pray. Go out in nature and appreciate what you see...and don't see. Seek positive thoughts and memories.

Setting your home's mood also raises the frequency of everyone in your house. Use bright colors to decorate. Candles, incense, or the wonderful smell of baking goods helps, too! Play music throughout the home that keeps your spirits high. Open doors and windows when the weather is right for it. 


Why Bother?


When you raise your frequency, you'll start noticing changes immediately. Not only in yourself, but in the people you meet. Opportunities will arise. You'll feel happier and healthier.
Happy people are not just happy because of material things and wonderful people in their life.
They're happy because they appreciate what they have and find happiness in things most people don't see. They keep their thoughts positive, and in return, attract more positivity into their lives.

And you are fully capable of doing this for yourself. What's stopping you?


Need someone to talk to about raising your frequency?
We have a Mind, Body, and Spirit reading that can help!
Or, just go ahead and send me a message. Sometimes a simple chat can help.



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