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September 8, 2019

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So, You're An Empath. Now What?

December 9, 2016

After many strange years of experiences and strange feelings that made little sense, you've finally come to the term, "empath." You feel like something great should come with the discovery, right

You're officially not like everyone else. You're more conscious than the vast majority of this world. Things that would make most panic or tremble in unknowing fear are things that you will be able to handle. But empathy is not something that just grows with time. It needs to be nurtured to grow -- unless, of course, you don't like your newfound potential.


I don't want it! Make it go away!


If you've decided this empathy thing isn't for you, I'm sorry. There really is no way to make it go away completely. You can learn to realize when you're picking up on someone else so that you can shut empathy off or tone it down, but whether you like it or not, your antenna is up. Read "Protect Myself From What?" down below for information on how to protect yourself.


How do I nurture my empathy?


If you've decided to take the red pill, congratulations! Things are about to get interesting, and if you've felt funny and out of place before, just wait! Total weirdo status is next.

First off, to help your empathy become stronger and other potential abilities (like premonitions, maybe? I can't be the only one!), a few daily changes need to be made.

  • Raise your vibration! This means, surround yourself with positive, good-for-the-body things. Good and positive people, food, clothing, colors, music (or silence, if that's what makes you happy). All of these will help up your mood, which is essential when you're playing with empathy. Empathy is all about emotions and emotions fluctuate throughout the day, due to what you surround yourself with.

  • Diet. What you put into your body does matter. Too much caffeine and processed foods not only deplete your body of essential nutrients, but it fogs the mind. If you're fog-brained, it's not very different from being drunk, and you need all the clarity and energy you can get to help nudge your vibrations up. You need to rid your body of all this junk and replace it with foods that will help get your body back on track. Fish, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

  • Exercise. Relax. It's not what you think. I'm not saying you need to run off to the gym or go for a jog. You could if you enjoy that, but if not, a simple walk will suffice; anything that will get you outdoors, breathing the fresh air. If you have any place nearby that has trails through the woods or mountain paths, that would be wonderful! The more nature you can surround yourself in, the better. And unplug. Don't go off trying to exercise with Twitter at your fingertips. Raising your vibration  will take a lot of stopping-to-smell-the-flowers, if you catch my drift. You need to regain focus and be more aware of your surroundings.​

  • Meditation/prayer. Again, focus and clarity. Sit up straight, or lie down flat. Find a chakra balancing meditation. Some of my favorites are with binaural beats. Find that connection to the universe around you.

What will all of this do for you? By spending time doing the above, you will come to know yourself better. You'll understand your inner workings when it comes to emotions and expectations -- things you may have never realized before. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to realize when you're picking up on the emotions of someone else, and protect yourself. 

Protect myself from what?

Not everyone is positive, and you may find yourself picking up on the emotions of a Negative Nancy. Worse than that, you may end up at the mercy of a psychic vampire. (I'll make a page about them soon!) You need to be able to tell when the horrible levels of anger or sadness you're overwhelmed with isn't yours, so that you can tone down your own empathy...or even shut it off.

Turn it off?

You're sitting in class and suddenly, your heart is beating out of your chest. You're getting clammy  and your stomach is turning sour. It's so very sudden, and you don't know how to make it stop!
First off, you need to learn when your feelings are not your own. Does it make sense for you to be suddenly clammy in your classroom that you entered feeling fine and dandy? No? Chances are, someone else is overwhelmed with their own issues, and you're sharing their load. 
When you come to the realization that you're not feeling yourself, you take a deep breath and focus on your heart chakra. You will it to calm. You mentally tell yourself that you have no reason to be drowning in anxiety. Everything is fine.
​Honest, that's about as much as it takes. It's not that hard.

Empathy really is a wonder, and raising your vibration -- even if you aren't an empath -- can do a world of good for you and all those around you. Don't be afraid of what you're feeling. More and more people these days are born with this gift and are coming into their own.

I wish you the greatest success and happiness in your journey through empathy!

With love,

*If you are of the Christian faith and would like to discuss empathy further, contact me. I come from there.

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