Empath Coaching & Lightwork

What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is a tuned-in individual who sees the positive beyond the negative in people and in situations. They are empaths who have a deep understanding of emotions and why people do what they do. Lightworkers often come into this world knowing they are not like everyone else, but that they can help guide those who are lost in depression, in fear, and in confusion. 



What is Empath Coaching?

Some in my shoes would call themselves a psychic, but I don't like that word. The label has twisted the actuality of the experience of "feeling things" into a fictional thing of magic. Yes, empath coaching includes doing readings via oracle cards for those who want one. But not everyone believes in oracle/tarot, so often my job is just walking empaths and other, less experienced "psychics" through their struggles at various stages of their gift.


For example, a person just realizing they have a gift or are highly sensitive is going through different struggles than an empath that's been an empath for 15 years.


So, I guide. I help people see where they're going and if a change will help them, or threaten them.

I also speak with highly sensitive kids and teens who are confused with their gifts and don't know what to expect. I help them decide whether they want this part of life to stand out for them, or if they want to repress it into their subconscious.

Sessions may be done online and still yield accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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