The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius


Roughly every 2100 years, the sun moves in front of a new constellation around the spring equinox. The constellation behind the sun at that time marks what Age we are in.


For the last 2000 or so years, we've been in the Age of Pisces. The Age of Pisces is known as the Age of Illusion and fear. As we are slowly leaving the Pisces constellation, we are realizing how our society has been run by exactly 


The Age of Aquarius is also called the Age of Awakening, The Age of Enlightenment, and the Age of Consciousness. People are becoming more aware of one another, finding and showing empathy towards other living things. Beyond that, we're becoming more aware of ourselves. Not only are we seeing how humanity is being oppressed in different parts of the world, but we're seeing how we are oppressing ourselves and settling in life. The realization of what we truly want in life and what we are capable of as a single being and as a society is coming to light. We are seeing the veil placed over our eyes by the earlier generations--the Age of Pisces which is known as the Age of Illusion.



We're coming to a realization and overcoming weakness of fear and submissions. It's been run by the illusion of fear. Fear IS an illusion. An emotion your brain creates that is unneccesary to be there. 


Sudden insight comes with age of aquarius. Slef understanding and realization of your pruspose, how the usniverse works, how we as a society can grow as a system and as one family where we dont need power and idols of celebities and people of money and power.


what do we do with this new age?

We can feel for others more now. We can raise our children with understanding and insight of the world.


Problem is we're still in the age of illusion right now. Kids are feeling things and picking up on things and we need to take care of them and prepare them to do something great with the changes that are coming.


We want to realize where we're at in the universe. Pay attention to stars, planets, and our placement to see what we can expect and how soon change might be coming.


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