Diana 'Cael' Robertson

Hello! My name is Diana and I'm an empath. More specifically, I'm a precog empath, which means I can predict the outcome of problems and situations. All I need is a little talk time with the person having the issue(s), though sometimes, not even that much.

I have been seeking answers to every day mental and emotional struggles for over fifteen years through my clients' experiences as well as my own. Studying New Age methods, consciousness, religious ideals, mythologies, and more, I have a groundwork of esoteric discoveries to share with anyone willing to open their mind and consider the possibilities.

What's with the name 'Cael?' There's no real reason I use it, to be honest. It's a name that stuck with me since I was young. It comes from the latin word "Caelum," translated to "sky, heaven, atmosphere." It's what I use when doing online readings through other mediums on the internet.


What makes you an empath?

In short, I can feel the emotions and physical state of people around me. Depression, anger, joy, longing...the burning sensation of a healing surgery-site, or the hammering of a migraine on the left side of your head.
Since I was a child, I felt a longing desire to help people on a large-scale, but I never knew how I could do that. Friends were hard to make, and intuition about others made people increasingly uncomfortable around me.
As I grew, my own spiritual experiences and visions shaped my view of the world around me. It didn't take me long to realize I could use my intuition and experiences to reach out and help people. 


Let's Go Deeper.

Let me be honest here...
I grew up surrounded by Evangelicals...I spent eleven of my adult years within the community, partaking in the culture and belief system. But, first, let's rewind.
When I was a kid, I dabbled in the metaphysical during my middle school and early high school years because I had no one to talk to about my weird experiences and no one to ask for help without being looked down on. I tried once to talk to someone in the church about it and was outcasted from many of my friends because church gossip knows no bounds. I was soon convinced by the church that everything I was able to do was from Satan, even though I was having metaphysical experiences at a mere seven years old. How does a seven-year-old use "witchcraft" to bring on premonitions? They don't.

Around my adolescent years, I began noticing things about leaders didn't add up. I would see the way they acted up in front of the people, how they spoke, and then observed their behavior outside of the church sanctuary. I started to vaguely understand psychology, human emotions, and one's connection to the other when I was very young, which made the entirety of the Christian religion make less and less sense. When I was eighteen, even though I was filled with doubt and questions, I made a conscious decision to remain in the community--though in a different church--and live up to what was expected of me by my family. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and I was afraid leaving the entire community would emotionally tear my parents apart.

By the time I hit my twenties, I was an observer of massive proportions. I mentally broke down the behavior of the leaders in the church. I broke down the behavior of their wives. It didn't take me long to recognize I was living in a box with tiny little holes poked into the walls to breathe...and denied the right to breath deep.
In the eleven adult years among Evangelists and away from New Age practices, I was not only psychologically abused in my home, but I was never quite "right" for the people of my community. I was often belittled and accused to ridiculous things by the men and women of the congregation. I was the only married woman my age and had no one to connect with or truly befriend. All the other married women were at least ten years older than me and a decade behind in modernization. You know, the ideas that women belong in the kitchen and birthing as many babies as possible in her prime. That men are the ones to make decisions for himself and for his wife--no matter what she has to say about it. All the unmarried females in the church were about twelve years old when I joined that specific church, so there was no real friend opportunities there until they got older. By the time they were old enough to hold a mature conversation with, their parents looked down on me for being so accessible to the female youth. As if I was sitting around offering them drugs and condoms or something.

I came to a point in my life where I needed major life changes for the sake of my health, happiness, and safety. The church did not offer their support, so I stepped away from not only the church, but the entire lifestyle. My faith in the existence of a higher entity remains--I've had enough experiences to know there is something there--but the idea of a single religion is all but gone in my mind. I will have a post on that when I'm ready to share the more intimate things I learned about the Christian church, but that time isn't now.

My purpose here is to help others open up to the lifestyle and experiences of finding peace. I love helping people learn how to raise their frequency and invite better experiences into their life because no one should be guilt-ridden and fear-mongered into one way of life. No one.

Humanity is on the brink of consciousness, and I intend on grasping the hand of anyone just getting their heads above the water.

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